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Going on holiday to Africa with your (small) children. Maybe not the first thing on your mind. Because Africa… that sounds very adventurous and maybe even a bit scary. Save the plans for when the kids are grown? Certainly not!

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Isn't it a dream vacation? Together with your children on safari a beautiful open safari jeep. Looking for the animals and enjoying all the scenes. Monkeys chasing each other, zebras grazing near the car and lions lounging in the trees. A holiday to remember. You can make it as adventurous as you want, but if you are traveling with children it is very nice if everything is arranged from A to Z. So you don't have to arrange anything on vacation. When you arrive at the airport, a car with a driver will be waiting for you and will take you to the hotel. The next day or the day after that, the guide will pick you up to start your safari, following the route that has been mapped out already. Everything is planned before departure, so you can fully enjoy your holiday together. But what should you consider during the preparation if you are planning a safari with children?

Below we list it for you:

  • Take into account the travel distances every day. Tanzania is a large country and has several game parks, including Tarangire, the Ngorongoro crater and the famous Serengeti. So you are not only in the car for a game drive (in the parks), but you also travel from one park to another. Therefore, make sure you have a schedule in which you divide the travel distances over the days.

  • The choice of accommodation is large, from budget to extremely luxurious lodges. A midrange lodge is often a very nice place to stay, it doesn't have to be super expensive and luxurious. And how nice is it if you can dive into the pool at the end of the day. In parks like Serengeti, a lodge with a swimming pool is quite expensive, but outside it is very affordable.

  • Safari means that you often spend long days in the car. As indicated above, it is useful to plan this smartly. But it is also nice to alternate the game drives with other activities, such as a bike ride in the village and the nature reserve next to Lake Manyara, a visit to a real Maasai village or a walk to the waterfalls. 

  • Especially when the children are young, it is financially smart to go now. Children up to the age of 12 receive a discount on the accommodations and children up to the age of sixteen receive a substantial discount on the park fees. A safari is easily 4 to 7 days and then that makes a huge difference!

  • Tanzania is pre-eminently the ideal holiday country where you can alternate safari with sun, sea and beach. After your safari, book a domestic flight to Zanzibar and enjoy a few more wonderful days on this tropical island. From Zanzibar you can fly back to the Netherlands.

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