Our favourite safari spots in Tanzania

There are many places to go for safari, many parks which you can visit and lots of lodges to stay. Our team loves to share with you their favourite safari spots. Get inspired!

Sunset Adventure tanzania Gerald

"I love the Serengeti nature most, because it offers species of wild gems, fascinating birds and is the only wilderness with greater number of predators than elsewhere in the world. I can just drive there for days and always I see new things."

James - Guide

"I love the Ngorongoro crater. When you drive into the crater it's like you enter a different world which belongs to the animals and masaai. There are so many animals to spot in the crater. On the best days you can even spot a rhino."

Adam - Guide

Sunset Adventure tanzania Gerald
Sunset Adventure tanzania Omary

"I think Arusha national Park is still my favourite park because of its beautiful landscape and its lakes. My favourite lodges are Marera Valley Lodge in Karatu and Tortilis camp in Serengeti. In northern Serengeti I like to take clients to Savannah Mara camp, especially in the migration season. "

Omary- Guide

"The park that fascinates me is Tarangire, due to its stunning scenery as well as other many attractions located in the park and the number of the herds of the elephants. At the end of the day I like to stay at Tarangire Osupuko lodge. Even though it's located outside the park you are still surrounded by nature."

Elibariki - Operations

Sunset Adventure tanzania Elibariki
Sunset Adventure tanzania Sele

"My favourite safari place is definitely lake Manyara. It's the combination of the majestic wall of the Great Rift Valley, ground water forest, tree climbing lions and the lake flamingos. And I can really recommend the walking safaro. I have had some of the best safari days in Manyara."

Sele- Guide

"There are many luxury lodges where you can overnight but for me the best one is Migombani campsite. The campsite ground is so green and it's located on the hill of the

the Great Rift Valley with an amazing panoramic view. If you like a bit more luxury I can recommend Tortilis Camp or Melia Lodge in Serengeti."

Emma- Safari Specialist

Sunset Adventure tanzania Emma
Sunset Adventure tanzania Ben

"Although I am a safari guide I love to take my clients to one of the best attractions in the world: Mount Kilimanjaro. The highest mountain in Africa. It’s quite a challenge to climb it but for the people who like to have a glimpse of it you can do a day trip, a nice nature walk on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro."

Abraham- Guide

"One of my favourite places is the Rift Valley. According to geologists the Rift Valley was formed by violent subterranean forces that tore apart the earth's crust. Its 7,000 kilometres in total length. What a force of nature! The best place to enjoy it is from the lodges on top. I can just sit there all day, the view never gets boring."

Godfrey- Operations

Sunset Adventure tanzania godfrey
Sunset Adventure tanzania Ben

"My ultimate destination is Zanzibar. I love to wander through the streets of Stonetown. There is something unique about this town which you can't find anywhere else in Tanzania. And of course the white sandy beaches are so beautiful. Zanzibar promises an unforgettable escape where relaxation and cultural discovery intertwine seamlessly."

Anna - Safai Specialist

"I usually take clients for a hike to the Sapuku waterfalls or on a city tour in Arusha. What I like about this is to show our clients the real Tanzania. Many people skip the city tour but this is the best way to learn more about our country and culture. I can really recommend it!"

Sia - day trip guide

Sunset Adventure tanzania Sia
Sunset Adventure tanzania godfrey

"When I can take my clients to Serengeti North I am happy. The  migration in Serengeti is a natural spectacle. I can wait for hours at the river and wait for the hundreds or even thousands of wildebeest and zebras crossing the Mara River. It's nature at its best!"

Rama- Guide