Safari Tanzania: beste time to do a safari

Throughout the year the wildlife viewing and weather in Tanzania are changing. There is the wet and dry season, the migration in Serengeti and so on. What are the best times to do a safari in Tanzania?

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When to go

The best time to visit Tanzania is during the dry season, from late June to October, when wildlife viewing is generally at its best. Especially in Serengeti and Tarangire. The wildebeest migration in the Serengeti north is usually from July till October. This is a good time to stay at least one or two nights at a migration camp in north Serengeti. From December till February it’s nice to spend some time in south Serengeti and Ndutu where you can find the wildebeest migration by that time. January and February are the months to see the wildebeest calving. We have put the best safari periods for you in an overview:

June till November

  • June till October are the best months to see the wildebeest migration in north Serengeti
  • In August and September you have the biggest chance to see the wildebeest river crossings in northern Serengeti
  • June to October: is the best time for wildlife viewing in Tarangire National Park (the park is very green)
  • Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro crater are both good for viewing wildlife in this season
  • June till August: mornings and nights can be cold (bring warm clothes)

December till March

  • December till March you can find the migration in south Serengeti and Ndutu
  • January-February is the time to see the calving in the southern Serengeti and to witness predator action
  • December till February are the dry months and offer good wildlife viewing
  • Ngorongoro Crater: the wildlife is easier to spot since the grass is shorter in the dry season
  • Although wildlife is easier to spot in the dry season, Lake Manyara offers good wildlife viewing throughout the year

April and May

  • April and May it’s rain season, although most rain falls at night and early morning
  • There are only few tourists in the parks which means you can really enjoy the wildlife and lodges by yourself
  • Low season rates

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